Make this YOUR year. Start your project NOW!

“My husband always said he wanted to write a book.  He collected and wrote massive amounts of materials and notes.  But he never did it.  He died two years ago.”

The man’s widow told me this – this week – as she sat next to me during lunch at Harry’s Bar in Florence.

Harry's Bar in Florence, Italy - turn around and there's the Arno.
Harry’s Bar in Florence, Italy – turn around and there’s the Arno.


It’s a delightful restaurant overlooking the River Arno.  She was an officer with the American International League in Florence where I had just delivered a presentation about the power of communications and story-telling toward promoting awareness and improving membership for their organization.


I had also read a couple of excerpts from my  book, Because I’m Small Now and You Love Me, which is a collection of stories and adventures from my time living in Paris and here in Tuscany.

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I related to the members that as a former journalist, I worked best under deadline.  My publisher, of course, established a deadline for me to write my book.   I am convinced that only through the combination of his encouragement and that all-important deadline hanging over my head, did I finish my book project on time.

The husband of that woman next to me at lunch, however, apparently had no such imposed deadline.   His project was never completed.  Now it was too late.

It’s still January. What have you been thinking about?  What idea you have been mulling about only inside your head?  What is it that you would like to do, but have not yet really begun?

Let's get going!
Let’s get going!

Find someone who will hold you accountable (and encourage you!).  Tell them about your intended project.  Set a deadline or a series of smaller deadlines for you to assess established milestone markers.   Maybe you are a solid self-starter and you don’t need someone looking over you.  Probably you do.  If you would like to announce it here, I am happy to be your “publisher.”

Let me know and together – with a deadline – let’s make it happen.

Don’t let it become too late for you!

 Baci tutti! Gina

P.S. Congratulations to the three people who reached out to me through my new website – – and won an hour of coaching FREE!

Check out Here's my homepage!
Check out Here’s my homepage!

I am happy to help you receive your goals this year! Tell me what they are and let’s get busy!