New website. New opportunities!

It is with great pleasure that I announce today’s arrival of – ta-dah – my new website!

Check out Here's my homepage!
Check out Here’s my homepage!

I  couldn’t have done it without the amazing web design team at Blend.  

So, now! You’re invited to take a self-guided tour to learn more about the range of communications consulting, training and coaching I can provide.   You can also book me to speak at an upcoming engagement, moderate a panel, or professionally voiceover a video.

Whether you’re on  a tablet, a laptop or your phone, go ahead and take a peek.   My website is fully responsive – which means it should look the same no matter what  you’re accessing it from.

As you’ll see, the website tells you immediately on the homepage that I want to be your communications partner for business success.

It’s true!

The first three people who reach out to me from my contact page, will get a hour-long remote coaching session: FREE! Do you have a sales presentation coming up?  A speech before your city council or company’s board?  A promotional media tour?   I can help you make sure you’re more engaging, dynamic and memorable.

But wait, there’s more!  If you provide me a referral contact from a company or organization that I ultimately contract with, I will pay you 10 percent of the total contract as a referral fee.  Really. Just provide me the name, title and contact information of someone you know whom you believe to be a legitimate potential communications prospect.  I will take it from there: contacting  them using your name as a reference and working to establish a relationship and to identify their needs.  If something works out, you will be rewarded.

And finally, I’m eager to hear what you think.  If you take a tour, please drop me a line through the website to let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you!
I look forward to hearing from you!

I know we’re all busy, but connecting and helping one another is what makes the world go ‘round.  So, let me know how I can help!

P.S. If your organization is interested in getting a spanking-new responsive new website – that Hubspot says is a must-have for 2014, I’m happy to help connect you with BLEND!

Thank you and grazie, tutti!


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