A Day to Celebrate!

Have you ever tried a red velvet deep fried Oreo cookie?  Neither have I.  But I could have!


That’s because we traveled to the heart of the heartland.  The apex of all-you-can-eat hearty-heart-attack fantastic funnel cakes, elephant ears, corn dogs and cotton candy:  The Indiana State Fair!

?????????? ???????????????????? ??????????

At first I happily thought I had found the Wine barn.  Then I realized an important letter was obscured by a tree.

PicMonkey Collage

Today was Pork Day.


And so naturally I had to have a Bar-B-Que Pulled Pork Sandwich.


Thank you Dwayne, the kind representative from the pork stand.


And thank you, Carla Comer Peacock, an honest-to-God girlfriend of mine from Monroe Central High School I ran into (we’re friends on Facebook so we recognized each other!!) who helped me get the pink pork-chop T-shirt Lulu is sporting (and the AWESOME pink Indiana Pork hat she isn’t wearing).


Yes, we went to the livestock barns.   I pet a giant turkey.


Lulu and her cousin Sophia were a cute little chick and bunny.


We awed at World’s Largest Hog.



And hammed it up at the “Make Your Own Post-card Booth” at the Soybean Barn.

state fair fun!

Since state fairs revolve around agriculture and celebrate the livelihood of farming,  indeed, there was a soybean barn… and a corn barn… and a completely recreated pioneer-era working farm.  It was a great fun and learning experience.   For example, the tractor-driven trailers that transported the too-tired-to-walk are fueled by those ubiquitous Hoosier soy legumes.   Cool-beans!



The Department of Natural Resources sponsored a Catch-and-Release pond and a Butterfly Pavilion.


We had no takers at our kissing booth.


But Lulu and Sophia were both very much “Wanted!”


In the afternoon, as we were ready to go, I saw my friend Carla again. She asked my husband whether we enjoyed Indiana – since we have lived in Europe for so long.    Of course we enjoyed ourselves.  We’re constant tourists.

We revel in all things terrific.


Who wouldn’t enjoy a lemonade made from inside a giant plastic lemon!


With love from the Indiana State Fair!


Baci, Gina! 

Copyright 2014 Gina London.  All Rights Reserved.



What do you think? Baci!

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