The I’s have it!  Italy, Indiana and Ireland 

Yesterday, the family gathered at my parents’ house here in Arcadia, Indiana.

My parents' home in Arcadia, Indiana!
My parents’ home in Arcadia, Indiana!

I chose a simple red dress and came upstairs to greet everyone.  My sister Andrea, her husband Tony and their daughter Sophia were to drive over from near Cincinnati, Ohio.  My brother Brad was flying in from Florida and coming here with his girlfriend Leah and her daughter Kyra.  Friends-like-Family, Eric, Linda and their kids Maddie and Max were driving from over a nearby Hoosier town. My niece Patience and her mom Celeste were driving over from near Cleveland.  Even my 99-and-a-half-year-old Aunt Anita, aka Neatie, was here.  Party!

Lulu made the colored water
Lulu added the food coloring for the little centerpieces

My mom was already up in the kitchen wearing a bright lime green shirt and mixing up some home-made potato soup.   I said, “Potato soup! That’s perfect since we’ll be leaving later this month for Ireland.”  She just looked up at me and smiled.

It was right about then that my sister, in a green sparkly shirt, remarked that she and I were like Christmas since I was in red.

Right about then, Brad and Leah arrived, wearing bright green wigs and sunglasses.


Brad and Leah!
Brad and Leah!

It finally dawned on me.  EVERYONE was wearing green.

The green gang!
The green gang!

And then I saw the cake in Brad and Leah’s hands.


The potato soup was on purpose. This was not just a simple family gathering at my parent’s lake house on a sunny summer day.


This was an Irish celebration for Scotty, Lulu and me as we prepare for our next adventure in Ireland.

Here's we are! (and yes, I have changed into something green!)
Here’s we are! (and yes, I have changed into something green!)

Here in  Arcadia, Indiana named after the Greek philosophy of living in harmony with nature and family – it’s certainly something I am drawn to no matter where I travel.

Andrea and Jerry unfurl the flag!
Andrea and Jerry unfurl the flag!

Warm hearts and loving families. In Indiana.  In Italy where we lived for three years.  In Nigeria where I spent the past month.  And yes,  I do so look forward to experiencing it in the verdant rolling hills of Ireland.

Thank you, family, for throwing us such a heart-warming party this weekend.

The ladies and the cake!
The ladies and the cake!

I cherish these moments.

Baci! Gina

Copyright 2014 Gina London. All Rights Reserved.






12 thoughts on “The I’s have it!  Italy, Indiana and Ireland 

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your wonderful time with Jerry and Sheila, Brad and Andrea and their significant others and the little ones. I realized that I have now known your family for 35 years…it is hard to believe. I am so excited for Scotty, Lulu and you as you make the transition to Erin…ah, beautiful Erin. You are so articulate, Gina, and your gift for communicating is most heart warming and enlightening. All my best to your dear family and I shall be looking forward to further communications. Guy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Guy! Thank you so much for your sweet words. To be complimented by you is something I treasure, as I was – and remain – so inspired by you! It would be wonderful to be able to see you again! Hugs, Gina


  2. Hi Gina. I hope you have as great a time in Ireland as you did in Nigeria and even more.
    I am Toyin Adeleye, a fresh Journalism and Mass Communication graduate with journalism career prospect. I experienced your wit first at the ‘Find your edge student communication summit’ in Lagos, Nigeria and I was really inspired. I also love your articles in your blog on your trip to Nigeria. Can I please have your email address to talk more with you? I would be honoured as I believe you might be able to point me in the right steps to take in my journalism career. Thank you so much

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Toyin,

      So great to hear from you and I’m so glad you had an inspiring time at FYE! I was inspired too!

      If you go to my website and “contact” me, the email goes directly to my email in-box. I look forward to hearing from you there and I am happy to help help however I may be able! Kindly, Gina


  3. Dear Gina,
    I read the wonderful story of your homecoming to Indiana and I thought of
    Dorothy ” There’s no place like home “.. We have only been friends two
    years but you seem like one of my family.. I loved seeing a family that is
    not only loving, but with wit, “colorful ” and just good people..
    The thought they put into your homecoming party is amazing..
    I loved seeing Lulu at the Indiana State Fair.. such fun.. Lulu is such a
    sweet little girl, but so worldly for her age.. she seems like a small adult.
    Always smiling.. Each time you post it is such a happy affair, always
    smiling.. In Italy, Lulu is so lucky to see and experience the things
    she has at her age.. I hope she enjoys Ireland as much as she did
    Italy… Thank you for remembering me.. Billie Veach, Texas


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