Countdown to Departure from Italy: 16 days to go.

The Tuscan sun is not famous merely because author Frances Mayes featured it in the title of her best-selling book, Under the Tuscan you know what.  (She happens to be my neighbor over in the tiny town of Cortono here in Arezzo county; we follow each other on Twitter and have exchanged a few tweeted pleasantries, but unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet in person.)

The Tuscan sun has earned its place in the er, you know, because there truly is something different about it when you are here.  Perhaps it is because its light appears even richer when the amber, coral and peach colored buildings that surround you are absorbing it – making the colors even more remarkable if that’s possible.

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Its tingling rays don’t simply touch your skin, they kiss you passionately and deeply – all the way through to your heart – even your soul.

These girls have Tuscan souls!
These girls clearly have Tuscan souls!

I stand looking in one direction to the graceful, green hills spiked with cypress trees.  They’re even more radiant with the gold that is sparkling down on them.  I face the other direction and look up to Arezzo’s medieval stone wall which has encircled it for more than 500 years – successfully protecting it from ancient invaders (not the Florentines, but that’s another story) while it graciously welcomed the sun from above.

In fact, I think of Arezzo’s piazzas as sun-worship temples. Rooms without roofs to better celebrate the god.


I am no poet like Frances Mayes – who actually earned her living as a poetry and creative writing instructor in the US before she gloriously described her love affair with Italy – but I know something lyrical when I see it – and feel it.

And that’s why the sun is definitely something I will miss when I move to Ireland.  That, and everybody keeps telling me in Ireland it does nothing but rain. So I better get ready.

My friend Susan wisely says, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.”   So, I’m determined to go buy a bright and cheery raincoat and matching umbrella.  And for the next couple of weeks we have left – to soak up the rays of our beloved Tuscan sun.

I’ll leave you with Lulu – singing an homage to those golden rays – when she was just three years old.

May it be bright and sunny wherever you are.  If not in the sky, then in your smile.

Ciao a tutti!


P.S. How’s the weather where you are? I have been seeing some freaky storms in the US?!  Other places?  Irish friends, tell me the truth!

Copyright 2014 Gina London. All Rights Reserved.



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