Countdown to Departure. 24 Days to Go.

It may be the smallest coffee shop along Arezzo’s Corso Italia, but to me, Red Pepper’s Cafe serves up this Tuscan town’s creamiest, big-flavored macchiato.


???????????????????????????????Above you, is my lovely coffee from this week.  I often stop in there on my way to the gym in the morning.   The rich, never-bitter, flavor of the espresso is rounded out so smoothly by the foam on top, it gives me the perfect boost to go face the treadmill and the weights!

Ciao, Silvia!
Ciao, Silvia!

Silvia is the lovely barista  there in the mornings. She has a little daughter who was born on the same day as Lulu, so we share stories of our little ones.  Who, in spite of their small sizes, both pack BIG personalities!

So, next time you’re walking along the Corso and are looking for a pick-me-up, don’t be put off by the tight space presented inside Peppers.  There’s plenty of room at the tables outside, and that brew in the tiny porcelain cup – is more than enough!


Tell Silvia I said, “Ciao!”

Con ringraziamente!


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