Countdown to Departure – 26 days left.

Only 26 days remain that I can call Italy our home!

So, during the time that we have left, I am going to wrap my arms and mind around as many places, friends and memories that I can and share them with you!

Italy is known for its cafe espresso (make mine a cafe machiatto) and one of the most spacious and comfortable places to sip a coffee and chat with friends is at Bar Stefano along Arezzo‘s Corso Italia.

The original cafe's name still is overhead, but this lovely welcoming cafe is now known as Bar Stefano.
The original cafe’s name still is overhead, but this lovely welcoming cafe is now known as Bar Stefano.

For the first year, the sign was there but the space sat empty – waiting for the beautiful remodeling to take place.  And since its doors reopened wide about two years ago, Lulu has enjoyed taking time deliberating over which of their delicious variety of goodies she is going to nibble on.


This time biscotti won. But we’ve also tasted the cakes, the ice cream, the salads (okay, only I tasted those) and sometimes Silvia gives me a little piece of dark chocolate, or cioccolato fondente, for free.

Massimo even gave me eight extra chocolate eggs to tuck into Lulu’s Easter/Pasqua basket last month.

Simonetta is always behind the bar- ready to serve up whatever coffee-infused beverage – or freshly squeezed orange juice, spremuta, you prefer.

Their broad smiles make you feel welcome the moment you come through the double glass doors and look up at the giant chandelier and down at the black and white checkered floor.

I keep forgetting to ask Massimo who the “Stefano” is that the bar (they call coffee shops “bars” here in Italy, by the way) is named after, but once I did ask him who the owner was.

“The bank!” was his reply.


So, with love and gratitude for everything during our wonderful stay in Arezzo, this one is for the gang from Bar Stefano.  Here’s to you: Massimo and Simonetta and Silvia!

Our Bar Stefano family!
Our Bar Stefano family!

Con ringraziamente! 

Baci, Gina

P.S. And don’t forget, while we may be leaving our adopted home, you are always welcome to visit Arezzo. Tell them, Gina and Lulu sent you.

@Copyright 2014 Gina London. All Rights Reserved.


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