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Here ‘tis friends: another official announcement in the adventure-filled life of Family Walsh.   Next month, Scotty, Lulu and I will be trading in our pasta for potatoes, our Chianti for Guinness and our espresso for tea as we pack up and move to:  (how’d you guess?) Ireland!

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Scotty has been welcomed into a PhD program with University College in the lovely town of Cork – just a couple of hours south of Dublin – where he’ll be researching mind control. Really.  I am married to one interesting guy.

University College Cork, on the Emerald Isle

University College Cork, on the Emerald Isle

From the moment we arrived back in July 2011, we knew our stay here in Tuscany wasn’t going to be forever (although I had my fingers crossed that it might).  I will miss terribly so many places, things and – especially people in our beloved adopted hometown of Arezzo.

We love you, Arezzo!!

We love you, Arezzo!!

I will soon write more and lament in detail about the wonderful sights and sounds I’ll be so sad to leave behind.

However, since we’re not moving far, far, far away back to the US, I’m going to do my best to keep my chin up and say, “ci vediamo dopo!” – see you later! – and not good bye!  We’ll just be a short direct Ryan Air flight from Cork to Pisa away.

Tuscany to Tipperary

Tuscany to Tipperary

Ci vediamo dopo!

Baci, and póga!


 P.S. How is your summer shaping up?  Any plans to travel? What was it like for you the last time you moved? Planning to move this summer?  Share, Share! We all benefits from shared experiences.  Ciao!

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