Happy Anniversary

Seven years ago today, I married Scotty Walsh.

wedding dip

I put on a white dress I bought from my friend who owns Mariel Boutique in Denver, picked some tulips and daffodils growing in our garden and drove with Scotty Walsh to the City and County Building in the center of the town.

There we signed a document, paid a small fee and were legally married in that sterile government building under a banner of dusty silk flowers. Fortunately our inauspicious beginning was NOT a harbinger of things to come.

We walked from the courthouse over to the Denver Athletic Club and stood together as husband and wife on the club’s rooftop terrace.  Although our view stretched out over the Mile High City, there was no way we could literally or figuratively see far enough to imagine the travels and adventures that lay ahead before us.

Our wedding day in Denver!
The photo from our wedding day – published in the Denver Athletic Club magazine!

Since that time, Scotty and I have lived in Paris.   We enjoyed learning about its food (my faves: PAIN AU CHOCOLAT and COQUILLES SAINT- JACQUES), the flower-filled verdant parks and the warm people sometimes hiding behind proud and refined exteriors.


Now we live in Tuscany.  Again, we have enjoyed learning about the food (my faves: BUDINO DI RISO and SUGO DI CINGHIALE!), the sun-filled piazzas,  and the passionate and caring people sometimes hiding behind the teensiest bit of resounding exuberance.


As romantic as it may sound, it isn’t always easy to be the Americans living among different languages and customs. And, of course, we are busy raising our daughter Lulu.  Largely by ourselves since our families aren’t here.  We miss them.  We also miss having a car.  We miss the mundane comforts of knowing a system. Even though the US is not always the easiest place to navigate, we know we can pick up the phone and have a real conversation in our native language.  Here we’re constantly the foreign couple who speak a Tarzan-version of the host-country’s language.

Yes, there's a ball and chain. Yes, there's a rolling pin.  (This is modeled after a famous Buster Keaton photo, FYI)
Yes, there’s a ball and chain. Yes, there’s a rolling pin. (This is modeled after a famous Buster Keaton photo, FYI)

But so far, we have made it.  Together.

Thank you, Scotty, for seven incredible years.  May our adventures continue.


Grazie a tutti! All you wonderful people who have been comforts and friends to us during the past seven years.   Love and baci to you all!

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!!! Happy April Fool’s Day !!!

I am proud to report the evil prank my mother played on me when I was five (oh yes, wait ‘til you hear about it; it was purely evil!)  has now moved on to a new generation of tricksters.

The initial crime, er prank, was committed one morning when innocent little Gina London work up one morning and prepared to get dressed to go to what she thought was a regular day of kindergarten.  My loving mother, however, had removed every pair of shoes from my closet.


I had no idea, of course, that it was April First and that the day had any extra significance for making Fools.

I remember my mother siting me on a stool in the kitchen and very seriously explaining to me that Daddy had accidentally thrown away all my shoes.  “We can buy some new shoes after school, but for now Mommy will just wrap up your feet in newspapers and you can go to school like that.”

I cried.

My mom, then as I recall, loudly cackled out, “APRILFOOLS!” I seem to also recall her face being green and a witch’s pointy hat was perched on her head. Seriously, I still shake my head whenever I think that my mom actually pulled this off on me.  I mean, I was five, for Lawd’s sake.  In spite of this, I swear to you, my mother and I have a very close relationship.  And I never did find out if Dad was in on it or not.

Okay. So fast forward to yesterday afternoon.  Lulu and I are sitting on a bench in the Tuscan sunshine at Parco Prato and she tells me her teacher has told all the kids that tomorrow is April Fool’s day. Actually, she says “pesce d’aprile” because that’s what they call it here in Italy.  Happy April Fish Day.  But it’s still about playing tricks.



Of course, I have told Lulu the twisted tale of her grandmother and my first April Fool’s Day many times. Lulu is convinced it will work on her daddy.

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