Meet Great Communicators: David Stevens!

He’s from Australia, he’s motivating, and he specializes in “inspiring clarity and purpose for people in mid-life.” Meet David Stevens!

No, he isn’t my life coach (I’m waaaay too young to qualify, of course), but we met recently through Twitter and I do find him very uplifting and encouraging. We can all use more of that in our lives, can’t we?

Check out my interview with David below, and please check out his website at 

David Stevens Life Coach to sign up for your own free session.

The latest in my “Meet Great Communicators” series: I proudly present David Stevens. 


Why did you become a Life Coach for ‘Mid Lifers’ ?

“Coaching/mentoring/guiding has been part of me for the past 20 years, initially without me actually realising it. In my previous professional lives as a Banker and also later as a Realtor, I was always “helping”. I was always communicating on a personal level with people from all walks in life … and it was something that I enjoyed.

My transition to be a Life Coach I found, to be a simple one in so far as I felt comfortable from day one.

I wanted to have my largest concentration on a niche area/ speciality. My most recent “experience” has been the mid life years. I have recently turned 59 and during the past 20 years have experienced significant change on a personal level. This has equipped me well as far as relating to clients going through similar circumstances. A Good fit, if you will.”

Who are your clients?

“A majority have been women of varying backgrounds aged from 38 to early 50’s. The male clients, have been similarly aged. About 75% have come from my local area and others have been mostly from North America. Their professions have varied though it’s not something that I concentrate on unless it has a large bearing on the coaching outcome.

I have found that regardless of occupation or profession, people are people and share similar problems, issues, successes and failures. It’s really the personal stuff that they are seeing me for… and for the motivation, energy and inspiration that I give.”

What are the benefits of Coaching?

“It is very difficult to succeed at anything on your own. Having support & guidance is a great benefit.”

life coach

“Even having someone simply to bounce ideas off when needed, is beneficial. Your Coach is your partner. I listen intently to my client with a view to understand where they are coming from. I don’t have a pre determined method of coaching. I adapt & integrate my coaching “style”/approach to what that individual client needs best. It is only when you ‘listen with intent’, can you understand the best approach for your client.

I had a lady client a little while back [a school teacher by profession] who felt that her message was not getting through to her students. She was a “veteran” teacher and very much had her students interests and aspirations at heart. This apparent [in her words] communication breakdown, was giving her great angst.

After about a half hour of listening to her story, questioning, listening again, further questioning … I was able to get a real feel or sense as to what the “problem” may be.  It came down to her tone of delivery and some of her wording. It was a habit that she had gotten into without realising. I repeated some of the phrases that she was using to her students, back to her. It was then that she realised how the subtleties of what you say & how you say it can make a big difference.

This all came from listening intently to the client.”

How do you communicate your message?

“This is still an evolving thing and probably will remain so. I currently spend the majority of my “communication time” with Social Media … & I’m still exploring new avenues as we speak. I’ve been writing blog posts for the past 3 years and gain a bulk of my enquiry from these posts.

Being more of an introvert, guest or public speaking hasn’t been my thing however funnily enough, when I find myself speaking in a small group or one on one, I am completely at ease. Public speaking may be a “fear” that’s only inside my head. I think it’s best to concentrate on what you feel comfortable with however if it’s not working after a reasonable period of time, change it.”

What are your top 3 Goals for 2014?

  • Purchase a Jeep Wrangler.
  • Double my Newsletter subscribers.
  • Being fully self sufficient on my Coaching income.

With “Goals”, while I have them and assist people with theirs, I tend to set a ‘theme’ for each year rather than a set of goals. For example, this year is a Theme of “taking action”. Procrastination is passé, action will be taken with every thing that I feel is important. Un-important stuff will be discarded.

My main goal is my 5 Year Plan. I believe it to be important to have a direction for your next 5 years and I renew my Plan at 5 yearly intervals.

What brings you Joy?

“The smile on a client’s face when a breakthrough moment occurs. Helping my daughter successfully release wild birds back to their environment when they have healed. Each morning that I wake up. My daily fitness. My family.”

*    *    * 

Thank you so much, David, for your time – and for your commitment to helping other people obtain their life goals and find their joy. So, okay, folks:  What are you hoping to achieve this year?  You’re welcome to reach out to David.  As he said, ‘Having support & guidance is a great benefit.’

Til next time, tutti! Are you closing in on what you’re after? If you’d like help, just ask!

Baci, Gina!

Copyright 2014 Gina London. All Rights Reserved.


12 thoughts on “Meet Great Communicators: David Stevens!

    1. David! I am so enjoying becoming friends with you – Twitter can be a wonderful thing! – and you now have another new blog subscriber – my awesome sister, Andrea – from Ohio! Ta-dah! Keep on inspiring and encouraging! The thanks are all mine!


  1. Great to get to know you better David! I love your message and how you help people find different ways to communicate. What you said, “It is only when you ‘listen with intent’, can you understand the best approach for your client.” is beautiful and can apply to a lot of areas in my life. ‘Listening intently’… I love it and plan on adapting that motto into my daily life. What a great coach you must be!



    1. I agree! “Listen with intent” and also David’s point that it’s not just “what you say, but HOW you say it” – I have often said that – and it’s always a great reminder! Thanks, Melissa and Thanks, David!


      1. Absolutely Gina! When I was younger my husband would say to me, “Honey I get what you are trying to say, it’s just your delivery system that needs worked on.” I would laugh so hard because it was totally true. The ‘How’ you say it can make or break whether it is accepted or not.

        Thanks Gina for your ‘Delivery’ of a great blog!


  2. It was lovely to get to hear more about you David. I like your perspective on coaching…what a great partner you are. And thanks Gina for giving us some more insight on David.


    1. Great to hear, Carrie-Anne! I met David through Twitter – which I am now a firm believer in. He is an inspiration. Now I’m glad that we have connected too! Look forward to keeping in touch. Kindly, g


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