How much pasta can YOU eat?

The wonderful folks at Santa Prisca, the small grocery store in Arezzo’s historic center, that (love them) DELIVERS -has just remodeled.

The pasta section has been expanded to BOTH SIDES of an entire aisle.

???????????????????????????????As if I needed any more ample of a selection than this country already generously provides.

???????????????????????????????Some of my ex-pat friends who have lived in Italy longer than I have occasionally complain that they are actually “sick” of pasta.  I cannot imagine such a thing!

The only thing on my mind is usually which size and/or shape have I not yet tried? It is my personal goal to sample each and every type of pasta before we depart our culinary paradise of Tuscany.

And, of course, along with the many dried forms, Italians are even more famous for pasta “fatto a mano” or “made by hand.”  I have savored many meals with that as well.  And I can brag to you for a moment that my Irish-American husband, Scotty, has found an apparent lost Italian gene, as he can whip up a mean batch of homemade pasta.


One example are these “tortelli con zucca”  – light fluffy tortelli stuffed with roasted pumpkin, fresh-grated nutmeg and parmesan.  I promise, they not only looked delicious, they tasted as such too!

And along with the company, my not-too-sweet homemade tiramisu and don’t forget  some great chianti,  our latest dinner party was a success.

Great friends, great food! Ecco!
Great friends, great food! Ecco!

Viva Italia and Viva la pasta!

P.S.  I’ll let you know how I’m progressing on my pasta-eating-challenge. In the meantime, what’s your favorite kind? 

Til next time, 

Baci, Gina

Copyright 2014. Gina London. All Rights Reserved.


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