Life Balance! What’s yours?!

When I’m not busy working on a presentation, media training session or other communications project, I might be taking our daughter Lulu to a playdate or a dance lesson.  I might be writing a story treatment for another book.  I might be sipping Italian espresso in one of Arezzo’s charming cafes.   Or I might be performing as mind reader “Madame Gina” – with my entertainer husband Scotty Walsh!

Here’s a snippet from our most recent show, “Meet the Silverstones.” 

“Meet the Silverstones”

It’s all about Life Balance.   Keeping yourself active and passionate about a variety of things fills your life with interest and flavor.

When we lived in Paris, I worked, took care of then-infant Lulu and took up painting.  A few of my paintings were even selected to be part of an exposition at an art gallery in our arrondissement. 

Here in Italy, I work, take care of now first-grader Lulu and, among other things, of course, I also wrote a book, Because I’m Small Now and You Love Mewalked the catwalk – along with Lulu – in a truly hilarious (for me anyway) Italian fashion show, wrote Arezzo’s English version of its website, and yes, performed as Madame Gina.

lulu catwalk
Lulu took this whole thing much more seriously than I did. 😉
me catwalk
Yes, there were some real beauties at this event — and then there was that gal in the light blue… 😉
nice photo me catwalk
I just put on my best CNN anchor-girl smile and tried not to think about the shoes that I’m sure were at least two sizes too small!

What do you do for fun? Do you have a profession you love? Do you also make time for other interests and endeavors?

Or, perhaps there is something you would like to try but have been putting off.  Most times, I find procrastination is a symptom of fear.  

If you would like a little coaching nudge to encourage you to obtain your life balance, I would be delighted to help! Contact me here or through my website at

In the meantime, tell me about your passions, your joys; tell me about how you create your own balance.

And you’ll have to tell me, because Madame Gina cannot really read minds! Shhhh! 😉

Till next time, tutti! Here’s to all of us creating a life that is as rich and diverse in experiences as we hope and dream it can be.

Baci, Gina

Copyright 2014 Gina London. All Rights Reserved.


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