Meet Great Communicators!

(Or in today’s case, “Meat. Great Communicators!”)

Today, I’m kicking off a new on-going series which will profile people who are making a difference through better communications.

But this is not going to only be about millionaire consultants or executives – although there is certainly nothing wrong with that.


Great communicators can be found anywhere.  So this series will feature a range of people.  Real people who may be making big differences or smaller differences, but together they all add up.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you: Alfredo.  He and his wife Monica run Macelleria Alfredo  here in Arezzo.  If you know what “macelleria” means, you know already what their shop sells.

If you don’t, here’s your translation.  They run a butcher shop.  Not any old butcher shop, but one that is built on and committed to customer service.


There are many small butcher shops here in our small town in Tuscany which also have friendly, caring shopkeepers, but since Alfredo and Monica are special to me, I would like to share precisely how.

Whenever you walk in, you’re immediately greeted.  If there’s a line, no matter; you will still be acknowledged.  Every customer is known by name and preferences.   Whenever I come in with Lulu, Alfredo will hand her a lovely thin slice of mortadella, a light pink smooth textured type of Italian sausage (like Oscar Meyer’s bologna – but shh, don’t say a word).

Last November, when just two days before Thanksgiving, I decided I would try and roast my first Italian turkey, I was cautioned by some friends that it takes about a week to order a bird beforehand.   Not to worry, though.

Alfredo and our Thanksgiving turkey!
Alfredo and our Thanksgiving turkey!

I walked over to Alfredo’s and inquired.  He didn’t have any in stock, but he immediately made a phone call.   (I imagine he was calling some friend at a turkey-farm directly where some poor unsuspecting bird was about to be sentenced to death. Sorry!) He spoke on the phone in rapid Italian for a few moments and then turned to me, smiled and said I could pick up my seven-kilo turkey domani  or tomorrow.

“And it’s a female. Because they are plumper.  More delicious,” he confided to me.


Yes, sir! It was a ginormous bird that thankfully fit into our oven and came out juicy and delicious!


Great communications equals great personal relations- which also equals in my case- a tasty roasted Thanksgiving turkey.

Grazie mille, Alfredo and Monica.

If you’re a carnivore who comes to Arezzo and wants to try some authentic Tuscan treats, please pass by and say, “Ciao!” to Alfredo and Monica for me! They’re in the middle of the town’s historic center on Via Cavour.

Till next time, know a great communicator, let me know too and I’ll profile them!

Baci – Gina 


Copyright 2014 Gina London. All Rights Reserved.




What do you think? Baci!

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