My Advent Calendar: Christmas ITALIAN Style!

Yesterday, my Advent Calendar was interrupted by .. a wicked bout of stomach flu blech.. but today we resume our regularly scheduled programming: Christmas ITALIAN Style!

Here’s Lulu and the Italian Santa – aka Babbo Natale – from yesterday when Daddy took her out to see him her in Arezzo at Piazza Guido Monaco.  I was sick in bed.


And yes, that is a GIANT jar of Nutella in the background.

How does Santa look compared to what your area has? What do you think?


Lulu enjoyed her time and asked him for a “family of cats.” Yow!

Buone Festa, tutti!

As for me, as it is a law that mommies can only be sick for 36 hours, I am back now and no longer in bed…however, not feeling 100 percent.. .. ah, well, hope the rest of the family doesn’t catch the bug!

Baci, Gina


What do you think? Baci!

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