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The cathedral, or duomo, in our adopted hometown of Arezzo.


It was built in the 13th century after Pope Gregory X had the misfortune to die here in Arezzo on his way to lead a Crusade!  The money he had with him became part of the funds used to build the church – and good old Greg is interred inside.  Making Arezzo one of those rare places, other than Rome, that has a Pope!

Interestingly, the Conclave to select Gregory’s successor was also held in Arezzo and not down the way at the Vatican.

Every Christmas, a life-size nativity scene, or presepe, is erected inside the cathedral.  I think it’s being put up this weekend, in fact.  When I get some photos, you’ll be the first to see!

Buone Feste, tutti!

Baci, Gina