My Advent Calendar – Christmas ITALIAN style!

jumbo wands 2 sw
The “Boy, Girl, Wands” trick – husband Scotty in tux, daughter Lulu assisting in hat, me in green and Lulu’s “boyfriend” Max – is the hapless “victim” of this trick!! 😉

silverstones posterWhen you’re married to a comedy entertainer-actor-magician – (I’m talking about one guy, mind you, not three) – it’s never a dull moment.

swords sw

Today’s “Italian” style Advent Calendar posting features some of the fun-filled moments during our recent performance of “Meet the Silverstones”  This mad-cap show was conceptualized, written and directed by my husband Scotty Walsh – who also played the lead role of magician “Professor Silverstone.”

the prof and kato sw

As you can see above from the devilish delight with which Professor Silverstone has just impaled his valet Kato after knife throwing “without even practicing”  – Scotty’s character is just a little off-beat!  He’s a flavorful mixture of  famous stage magician Harry Blackstone – from whom we adapted our names – to swashbuckler Errol Flynn  to “Gomez” from the Addams Family – the original and incomparable John Astin‘s version, of course.  the Silverstons 3 swAs much as I would’ve loved to have borrowed from Morticia Addams for my character, as a magician’s assistant we wanted someone a little more giddy – so I drew from the lovely yet dingy comedy of Gracie Allen instead. 

the Silverstons swTogether, we performed a mentalist act – in which I somehow really do manage to perform feats of clairvoyance – to the extreme surprise of the audience I’m sure!  And Scotty performed a wide-range of elegant illusions – but wrapped up in a lot of farce and comedy.  Our unique and custom musical accompaniment was provided by our friend Sam – who stoically performed as “Samuel Samuel.”

The final bow - Lulu STRETCHING to reach!
The final bow – Lulu STRETCHING to reach!

We played for two evenings in two separate venues – each night to a packed house. And although the show was in English, we did this all in our adopted town of Arezzo, Tuscany – hence – I am including it here among the Advent Calendar posting for – Christmas ITALIAN style!

A great evening of family fun – performed by my family.

Seems pretty Christmassy to me!

Buone Feste!

Baci, Gina


What do you think? Baci!

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