Advent Calendar: Christmas WORLD Style!

I wonder how many people are stopping what they’re doing in the midst of this holiday season to reflect on the incredible life of Nelson Mandela?


A lot, I presume. I know I certainly am.   To me, he personified so much about what the spirit of Christmas is all about.  Love. Peace. Joy.

And perseverance. Although he was imprisoned for nearly THIRTY years – he still remained faithful to his beliefs.  That’s staggering.

So, now, especially during this holiday season of rushing about that can trigger stress, impatience, and even anger or depression, I am determined to remain faithful to the idea of persevering!

I’ll continue shopping, writing cards and walking around our adopted hometown of Arezzo, Italy – smiling as I pass the Christmas tree set up in the courtyard of the Town Hall.  


And saying, “Thank you, Nelson, for a living such an exemplary life.”  R.I.P. 

Buone Feste, tutti!


P.S. What difficulties have you had to endure? How’d you get through?  Hang in there!! Maybe you’ll win a Nobel Peace Prize too!! 🙂




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