Is the Tooth Fairy a Girl?

Lulu wonders, “It’s not a boy, is it, Mama? The tooth fairy is a girl, right?”

I put that question in her head.

As a kid, I had a book about two children, Jack and Daisy, who try to trick the tooth fairies by making a replacement tooth out of flour and water when Daisy really loses her baby tooth.

tooth fairies

The book, aptly titled, What Happened When Jack and Daisy Tried to Fool the Tooth Fairies featured a team of two male tooth fairies – more like grouchy old curmudgeons than iridescent Tinker Bells.

I loved them and the book.  I read it a lot to Lulu when she was a toddler.

But now she is a full-fledged big girl – who just this weekend had her first baby tooth fall out.


She was at a birthday party at her friend David’s house.  I was in the other room chatting with the grown-ups when she ran in with her mouth stuffed full of tissue.

“My toof fell out!” she cried, holding the dental evidence out in her hand.   There it was. Her tiny lower incisor.

I took the tooth and also took a picture of her proudly displaying the tissue hanging from her mouth covering the new gap in her smile – flanked by older and more toothily experienced friends, Alessio and Cassandra.


To prepare for the arrival of the fairy, Lulu and her daddy sealed the tooth in a red envelope that she decorated and wrote “TO THE TOOTH FAIRY” along with her own name – so there would be no mistaking who should be the recipient and who was the sender when it was discovered under her pillow.


At bedtime, she was a breathless string of questions – besides the one that I had planted previously about the fairy’s gender.

“Will I hear her wings?”

“Will I feel her reach under my pillow?”

“If I pretend to be asleep will she still come and maybe I can see her?”

I admitted I didn’t know any of the answers as I had never seen her (or him) myself.  Excitement woke her up before five o’clock this morning.


I jumped up and rushed into Lulu’s room.

“I think I heard her.” Lulu whispered. “Can I look under my pillow?”

“Of course,” I yawned. But I was excited with her, “Let’s see.”

Sure enough.  In place of her baby tooth were a couple of coins.  A two-Euro piece and an American Silver dollar.  Our fairy is an international kind of gal.

Lulu clutched her coins happily and (thankfully) went back to sleep for a couple of hours.


I remembered back to when she was only nine months old and got her first baby tooth.   A little hard nub jutted out from her soft pink gums.   Now with a mouth full of teeth, her first one had come out.  To be replaced by a new version that should last for the rest of her life.

 Ah, our daughter.  Another rite of passage.

Time to buy her a new package of dental floss.

For all you parents out there, what’s the going rate for a tooth these days?  Are molars worth more? Any stories you’d like to share, I’d love to hear!



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Copyright Gina London, 2013. All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “Is the Tooth Fairy a Girl?

  1. Ah, tooth fairy stories are some of my favorite! With 5 children there were many times that we just plain forgot! Big mistake! But the tooth fairy was rather clever and she would leave a typewritten note explaining her tardiness. Said note was quickly typed while which ever child was busy getting ready for school and Mom could sneak away to the computer and then place the note strategically along the bedside or under the bed! Then we would make a big deal about searching for “something” from the tooth fairy. I remember one letter from the tooth fairy explained that she got caught up in China and the air currents were terrible and she promised that she would make it the next night. Interestingly enough they never did ask why she could leave the note, but not the money!!
    Then there was the time that a very sleepy tooth fairy pulled a $20 bill from her billfold instead of a dollar! That made for one happy kid! Groan……
    Then there was the time I had a very snoopy child in my room and found the little box of baby teeth. I know, that is kinda creepy, I finally threw them away! But my cover was blown! I made some explanation about the fairy giving the mom the teeth but I don’t think it passed! 🙂
    Well, my dear friend, enjoy your days of the tooth fairy for they go much too quickly.

    Lori Lloyd


    1. I LOVE those stories! Especially the sneakiness of the “note” suddenly appearing… And, yes, with the one tooth so far, I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. But Scotty rightly asked me what I really intended to do with them all – make a necklace?? And what if Lulu found them…. ??


    2. Those are great stories. My question is where are you keeping the notes. My children are now 35 and 37 and I gave them a book with all their Notes signed Your friend, THE TOOTH FAIRY. I also put a picture at about the age the Note was written. That was the hard part. After some thought I published a book to make it easier for kids and their parents to save the notes and photos and also give an illustration of the concept by including the Notes received by my elder daughter, Samantha. You can get a better idea of what the book is like with this video or by visiting my web site:


      Steven W. Margles, M.D.


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