Looking forward to October!

It’s the last day of September, 2013 and clouds are hanging over our duomo, cathedral, here in Arezzo.


My walk to the gym this morning was wet  – with rain drops still clinging to the vines that grow around the doorway of one of my favorite osterias.


Kids off to school and grown-ups off to work toted umbrellas as they passed through Piazza San Francesco under the constant gaze of the statue of Vittorio Fossombroni  who engineered the drainage of the valley’s marshlands in the 17th century.


I imagine the kind of forward-thinking he must have had to envision the swamps as a fertile valley instead of the rain-fed lakes they were during the time that Leonardo da  Vinci painted them.

While I will most likely never have that level of vision, and certainly no statue in my honor – I am excited about looking forward to the future of…well.. October!

I dedicated this month to a series of “Better Communications” articles; I hope you enjoyed them.  Starting in October, I plan to continue writing about my professional expertise, but also combining my personal passions of living abroad and parenting our five-year-old cutie, Lulu.


She’s prepared, as you can see, for the rainy Tuscan weather.

As consultant and author Alan Weiss says, “You don’t have a professional life and a personal life.  You have a life.”   So, here’s to our combined futures together.

Baci! Gina


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