The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

It’s Big. It’s Pink. It’s Barbie’s Dreamhouse Experience!


This Sunday, our dreary rainy morning in Berlin was suddenly brightened by this fuchsia-colored larger-than-life doll-house – complete with a high-heeled shoe fountain.


And Ken peering out of a window inexplicably in scuba gear – but no matter.

?????????? ??????????

Lulu and I were in Germany to visit Scotty who has been there for a month now, working with a theater group .  He had read a couple of weeks ago about the opening of the Berlin Barbie Dreamhouse and since he is a leading contender for the Best-Dad-Ever Award, he naturally told Lulu we would all go.


After paying about 15 dollars each to get in, it really was quite the experience. Highly interactive – for just an additional 5 Euro (of course), Lulu wore a computer chipped bracelet that allowed her to play with the myriad of touch screen computers placed strategically in each room of the house.

In the bright pink kitchen, Lulu helped Barbie make cupcakes.

DSCN2715 DSCN2727

The non-interactive notes on Barbie’s fridge made me roll my eyes, but also laugh.


In the bright pink study (look, fake pink books!), Lulu wrote a personal note to Barbie.


Over at the bright pink grand piano, Lulu and Daddy played a duet.


Barbie’s bedroom suite was the real highlight.


There was a ginormous music box that Lulu turned to make music.

And there was yet another high-heeled shoe – this one that doubled as a slide.


The bigger-than-king-sized bed was topped with a video screen. When Lulu activated her bracelet, her name appeared in the clouds circling overhead.


The small armoire Lulu posed in here —


was nothing compared with the special room-sized “closets” where Barbie keeps her shoes and array of elegant dresses –


– A girl can never have too many evening gowns, don’t you know.

There were so many computer screens to touch and buttons to push, that Lulu could’ve spent all day exploring.  The toilet, in Barbie’s bright pink bathroom, even had a button.  Oh my, what will happen when Lulu pushes it?


A pink dolphin pops out.  Hmm. Okay.


The final section of the “house” was Barbie’s international workshop, so to speak.  There were tables strewn with design pads so little girls could color and glitter up their own Barbie fashions.


Other tables had a selection of bows and clips scattered around those blonde body-less heads so little girls could style Barbie’s hair.


There was a model Eiffel Tower.


And another photo corner with a mural of an Italian Piazza.  We just had to pose at that one and I laughed thinking that although we live in Tuscany, here at Barbie’s Dreamhouse in Berlin was the first time I actually sat on a Vespa.


The interminable pink lights everywhere gave us all eerily blushing red faces.

And although, yes, there have been demonstrators in front of Barbie’s house claiming that this shouldn’t be the type of role model we set for our daughters, I don’t mind.


Lulu, like most little girls, will soon enough grow up and out of Barbie and then we can take her to the model United Nations experience.


But for now, it was a wonderful way to spend a rainy day living La Vie en Rose.

Ciao, tutti!

Now we’re back in Tuscany remembering what a wonderfully pink time we had.  Any  thing you would like to add or share, please feel free!





2 thoughts on “The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

  1. Where was this when I was 14? I mean 5 like Lulu!? Ha!!! What am I talking about? I want to go now!!!! (screamed in Varouka voice) Remember how angry I would get when you and Brad would make a toilet in my Barbie house!? Ha!!! We needed the pink dolphin… too funny! Love that Lulu was wearing her pink top and vest to match Barbie land!! Xoxo!!


    1. Ha! Pack your bags and head over to Berlin. Or, even easier, there is apparently another Barbie Dreamhouse closer to your own home in Florida!! It’s never too late to meet the pink dolphin! 🙂


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