Zipping up to Florence

All righty! Get Ready! Here’s a short post about Florence, Firenze if you want to get Italian about it, that will not have one photo of the Duomo or Ponte Vecchio or the Arno in it anywhere!

?????????????????????????????? ??????????

Okay, so, there are plenty of photos of gelato-related goodness, but that’s because we just happened upon Florence’s annual Gelato Festival! Lucky us!

We didn’t even come here for that.  In fact, Lulu and I just zipped up on the train from our hometown Arezzo – to come to Florence for a quick visit with a consulting Super-Star who was in town on holiday with his wife.

But before that businessy meeting, Lulu and I had time to duck into a small, ambient Trattoria – “Lo Stracotto,” located in the equally small piazza Madonna Aldobrandini.  We shared some crostini nero (it’s warm chicken liver pate on toasted bread and yes, Lulu actually loves it) and a selection of salumi.

Che buona!
Che buona!

I especially liked the charming atmosphere – with the banner sentiment I definitely agree with –  that you see directly behind Lulu who is surrounded by wine:

"One can't live with only bread!"
“One can’t live with only bread!”

And then there was this quirky little quip from Captain Hook that I enjoyed seeing – although I thought it was interesting that a quote from British J.M. Barrie won out over something from Collodi – especially since Florence is filled with an abundance of Pinocchio souvenirs. But perhaps that’s precisely why:

“I hate him, I hate him!”

My meeting after lunch was at the former Medici Palace now known as the Four Seasons hotel.  Yes, it’s lush and scrumptious but I didn’t feel like snapping oodles of photos.  Except this one of a rhinoceros sculpture dressed as Arlecchino…


The 16th century opulence didn’t phase Lulu, of course. She was more interested in visiting the nearby park – for a quick ride on the giostra, or merry-go-round. Which she did.

In Cinderella’s Coach, no less.

??????????And although we are certainly not rich like the Medici family, we do happen to live close enough to visit one of the most wonderful cities in the world for just a few hours – not even stopping at any of the touristy places.

Like fortunate princesses indeed.

Or, at the very least, like two "lovely ladies" as the street sign implies!
Or, at the very least, like two “lovely ladies” as the street sign implies!

And one of those princesses was quite tired on the train-ride back home…


To all of you who enjoy travel and adventure, here’s to your next day trip – no matter where it may be!

Baci. Gina

P.S. Fun day trip you’d like to share? Would love to hear!

For more inspirational adventures in Italy with Lulu and me, please check out my new book Because I’m Small Now and You Love Me available worldwide from Amazon!


What do you think? Baci!

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