Primavera Fever!

Spring! The calendar may officially announce it in March, but only you know when it truly arrives where you live.  Here in Arezzo, I’m marking this week as our official reawakening – of grass, flowers, trees and most important of all, our spirits!


Mr. Dreary Rainy Winter has finally relinquished the seasonal scepter to Sunny Miss Primavera.

Buds arrive on the trees and groups of tourists arrive on the steps of our famous churches.

St. Domenico
Our Duomo - St. Peter's and St. Donato's.
Our Duomo – St. Peter’s and St. Donato’s.

But it’s the warmer weather that is spring’s true royal herald.

Lulu and I walk to school every morning  through this very portal in the ancient medieval wall that surrounds the town.   And weather is always part of our conversation.


While I’m encouraging her to appreciate life-giving rain, mysterious fog and chilling wind, the warmth of a bright morning sun really gets us talking – and in Lulu’s case, singing.


“I love the sun. The sunny sun. The sunny, sunny, sunny, sun. Ooooh. Sun,” Lulu sang this week, “La-la-la-la,” she added.  As she scootered to school.

Not the most poetic lyrics ever, but the sentiment rings true.


When our Tuscan hills begin turning green – and the sun casts long shadows –



And a new crop of flowers from our neighbor Senora Dora’s giardino stretches upwards – 


– I may not crawl on a small side-street to try and imitate a cat – but I do join Lulu, in lifting a song of thanks to the promised return of spring.


My song, however, is internal.  Nobody wants to hear me sing!


To all of you, wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying or anticipating with relish – the hope that springs – with spring!

Love to you all,


P.S.  Where are you?  How’s the weather?  How’s your heart?

For more joyful and vivid descriptions of our beloved Tuscan town, please buy my new book, “Because I’m Small Now and You Love Me” available WORLDWIDE on, .UK .IT etc etc! Baci! 





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