Announcing a Guest Blog Series: Travel Memories!

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world…”

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the above words long ago, and while I cheered at Treasure Island as a kid and chilled reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as a teenager, it’s now as an adult that I reflect most upon that single statement among all the works of the celebrated author.

RLS and me.  You can just  tell  how much we have in common.
RLS and me. You can just tell how much we have in common.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been to Cairo, Egypt or Kokomo, Indiana (I’ve been to both).  Whether you’ve tasted the finest foie gras in Paris or your Grampa’s famous secret-recipe fudge (both for me again).  Whether you’ve camped at the base of Mount Everest or in a tent in your backyard (okay, I’ve only done the backyard on that one).

At the Pyramids near Cairo.  At the lake near Kokomo.
At the Pyramids near Cairo. At the lake near Kokomo.

It doesn’t matter because – we are all travelers.  And our shared travel experience, of course, is called life.

A mixture of little adventures, funny foibles, mundane moments, tragedies and joys – it’s those life-travel adventures between me and my daughter Lulu that serve as the essence of my upcoming book, Because I’m Small Now and You Love Me.  I believe it will be richly relatable and one that we can all appreciate.

Buy my book please!
Buy my book please!

So! In the spirit of celebrating travel, I am delighted to announce my new Guest Blog Series:  Travel Memories!

Starting in February, I will be featuring essays from authors, bloggers, editors, and other amazing fellow travelers in this adventure called life.

I already have commitments from dear friends and a couple of accomplished authors like Harper Collins mystery writer Laurence O’Bryan (click here to check out his latest book) and Scribner’s international thriller writer – and veteran CNN anchor – Kitty Pilgrim (here’s her latest offering).  And it’s not too late for you!

I would love to receive an essay from you about a travel memory you may have.  Funny or poignant; from an exotic locale or the municipal pool; with photos or not.  Please email me at with your story of 500 words or fewer.  I can’t commit to posting every one, but I will commit to writing back to everyone who sends an honest, heartfelt submission.

Lulu and me in the field

Buon viaggio fellow travelers!



P.S. please email me asap with your travel memory. I look forward to reading and sharing!


What do you think? Baci!

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