The “Princess Effect” Part Two – or – I’m flippin’ my wig…

When you live overseas, gifts from family back home are like treasure.

Early this week, a treasure arrived as Gramma Sheila sent a beautiful lavender sparkly Rapunzel dress and golden braid wig to Lulu.  She immediately tried them on and loved them.  So did I.

For the first day.


(Above is Lulu – aka Rapunzel – day one)

She traipsed around and acted dainty and sweet.  Making Scotty and me pretend to be Flynn and Mother Gothel – yes, I hate to admit that I’m rather good in the role Mother Gothel. “Mother knows best…”  (If you haven’t seen the movie, “Tangled,” you really should. It’s that cute.)  And Lulu was being pretty cute too.   The dress was a little loose around the shoulders, but we fixed that with a couple of safety pins.  The wig was a little big and wobbly held in place with only two small combs.  But I braided her hair around her crown and that seemed to do the trick.  Lulu even begged to sleep in her costume that night, but I held firm and she settled for the dress and wig to be carefully draped on her guest bed in her room.

images (1)

(Above are “Tangled’s” Rapunzel and Mother Gothel)

Day two.  Lulu woke me up waaay early before she had to get ready for school, demanding to put on the dress and the wig.  I usually don’t let her play games or do activities before school, but since this was the first morning since she’d received her prized costume, I let her wear it if she promised to take it off nicely when I asked. And surprisingly she did.


(Above is Lulu – aka Rapunzel – day two)

After school,  Lulu proclaimed she immediately must be “re-dressed like Rapunzel!”  I slid the dress on her easily.  Scotty even sewed on some purple ribbon in the back to cinch those loose shoulders up.  But the wig was a different story.

“Too loose!” Lulu screamed shaking her head side to side making the braid crown teeter.

“Fix it! NOW!” she ordered.

Even with a handful of bobby pins, I can’t make it perfect.


(Above are the bobby pins and the wig. It’s not on Lulu’s head because she has run off crying and screaming)

You see, the braid is mounted on hard plastic in a wide circle.  It’s too big for a child and not flexible at all.  Normal bobby pins just can’t really reach from the braid to the intended wearer’s head to properly secure it.

So it kept jiggling.

And Lulu kept freaking.





(Above is Lulu furiously huddled on our steps in the dining room and yelling at me to “FIX IT AGAIN” after I said I think the wig should have a time-out)

A while back, I wrote an essay defending what is being batted about as the “Princess Effect” – here’s that essay, if you’re interested.  While some complain that it’s dangerous to encourage little girls to pretend to be little princesses, I was all for it.

I may still be, but now minus the |@#$%^!@ wig.


Ciao, tutti!

P.S. please, oh, please – tell me parents – of that gift you were first so delighted to see little Junior get – only to completely wish it had never crossed your home’s threshold later..  I am misery and I need company!  😉

P.P.S for more stories of Lulu with plenty of her unique brand of tantrums and freakouts, US Preorder sales are NOW underway for my upcoming book, “Because I’m Small Now and You Love Me”! Click here to check it out!



6 thoughts on “The “Princess Effect” Part Two – or – I’m flippin’ my wig…

  1. Oh Gina! Just stay away from Furby! Has multiple personalities. Goes to the dark side often. We either have to talk nice and carress it for more than five minures to make nice, or hide it in the bathroom cabinet until it goes back to sleep. Freaks her out!

    Clothing that doesn’t feel just right is a daily battle. She is most happy in her underwear.


  2. I don’t remember any toys that I wanted to get rid of, but I do remember there being controversy around letting our little boys have guns! I can tell you first hand that little boys and the love of guns is an innate behavioral characteristic. Before Evan had even received his first play gun, he could make a gun out of anything. Once I remember he had a half of peanut butter sandwich, which he had taken a few bites out of and low and behold it was in the shape of a gun. ( I may have not noticed this except he was pretending to shoot fire from it) I can also remember the crab legs he used at Red Lobster to point and pretend to shoot those around us. So, even when little boys do not have a
    toy gun, they will make guns out of anything. Over the years, Evan did accumulate his own little play arsenal. I’m happy to report to those who were so terrible concerned about the play guns and little boys….my little boy is now 20 and turned out just fine. So, with that being said, let little boys be little boys and little girls be little girls. It will all come out in the wash!


    1. Love the image of the crab leg and sandwich “guns!” Sheesh! Lulu has a lot of boy friends and yes, it’s interesting to watch the instinctively different ways they approach play. Thanks so much for reading – and commenting – and most of all, for reassuring me that it all comes out in the wash!


  3. Ummmm…gotta go boys vs girls here and say WEAPONS! I held out as long as possible, but then you have to ask yourself if your boys are at an unfair disadvantage in weaponry and all around battle training. Once you have a fairly real looking weapon it’s only a matter of time before it’s used inappropriately and must be hidden (sometimes indefinitely). Of course anything can be used as a weapon, but our king with his medieval fair wooden sword is truly invincible!


  4. Funny you should mention weapons.. as she’s sitting here this morning in her pirate patch – with the dagger on the table next to her – that she got from your son’s party! 🙂


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