Trek to Trevi

This week, we took the train down to Rome – and like any proper tourist, we made the pilgrimage to the Trevi Fountain.


At 86 feet (26 meters) high and 161 feet (49 meters) wide, the facts establish it as the largest fountain in the Eternal  City. But the allure goes far beyond its impressive size as we were in a city that’s chock-full of big and impressive fountains.

here’s Lulu at some other awesome fountain – not Trevi –

So, just what is it about the Trevi?

It’s really not all that old.  The sprawling marble and rock sculpture was completed in  1792 – which is almost modern times when you’re dealing with a city like Rome.


It wasn’t made by one of the big names – Michelangelo had long died by then – and two different artists are credited with the design.

But it certainly is enthralling.  Lulu loved the “Taming of the Waters” theme with the water god Neptune watching over Tritons struggling with gigantic sea-horses or hippocamps.  Muscles are bulging everywhere!


And it is also surprising. The impressive piece is nestled in a small piazza at the convergence of three narrow cobbled streets.  As I looked out at the other tourists gathered, the fountains magnificence seemed magnified by the small area over which it presides.


Most of all, I think for me, it has a great legend.  If you turn your back to the fountain, raise a coin and toss it over your left shoulder into the water, it ensures you will come back.

Apparently it wasn’t just me.  As we left the Trevi, I asked Lulu if she liked it.

She said, “It’s fantastic, and ‘cause we paid, we can go again to Rome!”


Ciao, tutti!

Love, Gina

Till next time, Who’s been to Rome? Did you see the Trevi? Throw in a coin?  What did you think?

(P.S. Take Lulu with you on your next visit to Italy! Presale orders in the US are available now for my new book, “Because I’m Small Now and You Love Me” – Life and Italy through the words of my then four-year-old!)


3 thoughts on “Trek to Trevi

  1. I loved our visit to the fountain. I was surprised to learn the fountain was commissioned by a wealthy family for the front of their home. We threw in the coin also in hopes of a return. We lived our trip to Italia!


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