The Long Way Home

This marks the last full week of living in the Tuscan countryside.


It’s been more than a year since we first called this house home.  We’ve enjoyed its large yard and pool, and getting to know our wonderful vicini or neighbors, but now it’s time to go.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs many of you may already know, it’s not because we’re leaving Italy, but because we’re moving a centro or into the historic center of our medieval town, Arezzo.


And the reason for our move, primarily, is because it’s a looong walk for us each day into town.

So, in honor of our soon-to-be-over daily sojourn, I’d like to take you all on a tour of our “long way home” (or into town, depending on the direction). 😉

It goes something like this.  Every morning, you’ll find me pushing Lulu in her passeggino (stroller), to school, the grocery store, the farmacia, pharmacy , –  anywhere that a person needs to go in their daily life- we do it too – just without a car.

Away from our house on via della Cella 62 on the gravel strada privata.


Along our small country road lined with vineyards, cypress trees and our neighbors’ sprawling compound houses.


Past the Count’s large yellow villa. (Yes, we really do live near an honest-to-God Count)


Then we turn onto the narrow shoulder for a dangerous stretch on busy Buone Conte Montefeltro street.  See the cars speeding toward us yesterday morning in the nebbia or fog?!


Fortunately, we’ve never had a close-call with any of the zooming vehicles. And I have to acknowledge that the arduous walk is definitely good exercise for me in-between my bowls of steaming hot Italian pasta.

Best of all have been the neighbors along our path –  who have evolved from first staring at us curiously from their windows, to greeting us by name from their gates – to  handing  us fresh eggs from their chicken coops or wonderful honey from their own personal bee skeps.

In gratitude, Lulu and I delivered boxes of sugar cookies to them yesterday afternoon – baked by me and decorated, of course, by you-know-who.


While we won’t miss the long walk home, we will miss our neighbors (and their pets – like Lucy, below, who we pet every time we see her!) who have also become friends.


Now, next week: our new home and next Tuscan adventure!

Ciao, tutti!

Love, Gina

P.S. Is there a place you’ve moved from – or are about to leave, with mixed feelings?  Tell me about it!


6 thoughts on “The Long Way Home

  1. I’m preparing to move back to Little Rock, Arkansas after being away since 1982. It is more than a little nerve wracking but I think I’ve always known that I’d go back there one day. It’s not my birthplace but always felt like home so I have to go back there now and see if that feeling is still there.


    1. Seriously, Ron? (or “da vero!?” as they say here in Italy) – I didn’t know you were thinking of that. You love Idaho! Maybe an extended vacation to test the waters. I wonder if I’d ever want to move back to the state I grew up in – Indiana. Hmm!


  2. Thanks for sharing your walk into town and for being part of my Twitter family (@BorjeMelin). Looking forward to a promenade around your new (old) neighbourhood too. Pls knock on my door when you are ready to go.


  3. Grazie! We’re unpacking in the new place as I type! Will do this week’s post about the new place- with plenty of photos! And thanks for the kind words about Lulu – She’s a funny monkey. I think we’ll keep her. 😉


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