Naked as a Jaybird

“And here he come…Running thru the pole beans, thru the fruits and vegetables…Naked as a jay-bird…And I hollered over at Ethel.. I said,’Don’t look Ethel’…It was too late, she’d already been incensed…” Ray Stevens, The Streak

Lulu likes to be naked.  It’s like the old fortune cookie game in which you add the words, “in bed” to the end of the fortune, except here you just add the word “naked.”

Lulu likes to jump on her bed. Naked.

Lulu likes to color. Naked.

Lulu likes to watch TV. Naked.

Lulu likes to work on her computer. Naked.


You name it, she likes to do it better if she’s naked.

She’s alone in this pursuit.  Unlike some of our Italian friends who proudly parade along with their children tutti nuddi, Scotty and I are a little more modest when it comes to parental displays of privates.  I might be more comfortable typing this blog entry, for example, sitting in the buff, but I have to admit, I have simply never tried it.

But Lulu is footloose and clothing-free whenever possible.

Of course she came into the world this way so it’s probably very natural that her marching parades started just as soon as she was able to walk.  She’d wriggle away when I was dressing her and tear around our apartment squealing like a cheery little pink piglet.

We were living in Paris at the time, so we would laugh and call out that she was “nu comme un ver,” or “naked as a worm.”  Now, here in Italy, she just yells out, “sono tutta nudda!”  or “I’m totally naked!”

She doesn’t even know the English equivalent, “naked as a jaybird” – and it’s just as well. I’ve never been able to figure that out either.  After all, a jay bird is completely covered in bright blue feathers, n’est pas?

Till next time, when you’ll be wondering, “I wonder if she typed this blog clothed or not…??” Ciao, tutti!

Love, Gina

P.S.  Family-friendly nudists?  Or all covered up?  Which kind of family did you grow up in or are a part of now?  No photos, please! 😉


2 thoughts on “Naked as a Jaybird

    1. Hi Deniece! Thanks so much for reading! I know! Actually, I decided I better take down the photo of Lulu – albeit ever so tame – just in case some boyfriend of hers finds it in about 14 years…! How old are your daughters? Ciao!


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