Happy and Healthy

Nobody wants to read a blog about cancer. “Eww, what a downer.”

Well, we interrupt our usual, “isn’t Lulu cute?” programming for a quick, less cheery, but realistic moment to consider the varied twists along the path of life.

This week, two of my long-time friends wrote to me about their struggles with cancer.  One is recovering from intense treatment and has five more weeks of chemo to go.  The other goes for surgery next week and doctors say they’ll know more after that.  Both are dynamic doers in this world with a heckuva lot more to give.  They are fighters and I pray for them both to prevail.

But life is fragile and tenuous.   Last month, a friend of mine’s husband died after only a brief bout with the dreadful disease.  I know I cannot heal anyone’s illness or grief.

I wish I could.  At times like these, I get even more emotional than usual.

I hold my daughter Lulu and my husband a little tighter.

I write to my family back in the US, missing them.

I look over at the random people coming out of the Duomo here in our town of Arezzo, and I really would like to give them a group hug.  I’d seriously like to buy the world a Coke  – except I don’t like Coke all that much.  I guess I can only smile and say, “Buongiorno” and tuck a silent hope of continued health and happiness into my greeting.

Consider yourselves hugged

So for now, my heart goes out to each of my friends across the miles and the years – wishing them the strength to get well and to carry on.

Who knows what the future will hold for any of us.   But at least at this moment, Lulu, Scotty and I are all healthy.

For that I am grateful.

Hugs to you all! Un ambraccio,


P.S.  For those of you who have battled cancer and emerged victorious, or who remember those who valiantly fought but succumbed to the illness, I am especially sending you a warm embrace.


2 thoughts on “Happy and Healthy

    1. Thanks, Kandie. I know we know more people who are struggling with health issues than the friends I mentioned, like Pop-Pop, for example. But they came to the forefront this week in my mind. Love to you and Dan and happy we have our health!


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