Lulu and “The Princess Effect”

Like many little girls her age, Lulu likes to pretend she’s a princess.

Sometimes she wears gauzy wings and wields a silver star-tipped wand to step it up as a fairy princess. But with or without the ability to fly, she will don her “jewel”-studded crown et voila! she’s a princess.  Earlier this week, she didn’t don the crown herself; instead placing it on a pillow and asking that I curtsey to present her with said green cushion…

She affects a royal benevolent tone.  She’ll wave her star scepter or wand with a flourish.  She’ll maybe even walk on tiptoe or wave her arms in flight if she’s the fairy version, but a princess she likes to be.

And I’ve read there’s controversy in all this.  Some moms and child development folks say it’s not a good role model.  Of course, they’re pinned a label to it, calling it “The Princess Effect.”  They’re good. They’re beautiful. They’re fragile.  That’s bad.

Wait. That’s bad? How’s come?

Good – well, as opposed to uhm, bad, I would be delighted if Lulu strived to be good.

Beautiful – on that one, if striving to be “beautiful” can assist me when I urge regular tooth brushing, showers and hair brushing, I’m all for it.  And anyway, everyone knows a princess’s beauty comes from within as well as without; so I always tell Lulu, “Pretty is as pretty does.”

Fragile – Not sure where this descriptor even comes from.  Snow White was scared in the forest, yes, but she was brave enough to barge into an empty house and start whippin’ it into shape.  Cinderella may have obediently done all her chores (again, not a bad thing when I apply it to my princess daughter), but she was savvy enough to have saved that second slipper to present after the bad old step-mother shattered the first.  And Ariel and Rapunzel are made of pure pluck.

So, during this all-too-fleeting time in Lulu’s life, when she would rather play princess than anything else, I am delighted to encourage her and play right along with her. Cause I would rather have a princess in my house than an evil witch any day.  Which reminds me, her teenage years are just around the corner.


Ciao tutti!

Baci, Gina

P.S.  Princesses? Good or Evil? What do you think?  How are your girls doing?  Would love to hear from you!




2 thoughts on “Lulu and “The Princess Effect”

  1. Nice! I’m kinda glad mine don’t want to be princesses. But they are boys so I guess I’m more concerned about “warrior effect” and which side of the good vs evil war they pretend to fight for. You know you’re in trouble if your son sympathizes with the “bad guy”…


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